South of the Lot river, we take advantage of a southern climate allowing the growth of plants from the south.

On 2500 m², you will discover the Domaine Côté Granges, set in a pretty landscaped garden with a three hundred year old olive tree, birds love it!
A landscaper has staged the flowerbeds by creating spaces where the plantations mingle with the stone and chestnut decorations, a feast for the eyes. A path of stones and valerians leads to the swimming pool area, set back from the house to guarantee the tranquility of your stay.

A large swimming pool, heated in season, completes our property. Different beaches with sunbathing areas as well as 2 covered spaces, one under a pretty wrought iron pergola made by a local craftsman where you have garden furniture and a large dining table, the other under the lean-to of the pool house.