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A winemaker at our host table

We had been thinking about it for a while and here we go ...

We invite Matthieu Molinié, Chateau Ponzac, winemaker of the village, to share our host table.

The time of an evening, it will make us travel in the vineyard of Cahors and will speak of French Malbec , prestigious grape variety of Lot.

Over the course of the dishes, he will explain the work of the winemaker, detail his terroir, tell his wines and his hopes for the profession.

The meeting with this passionate and passionate winemaker will not leave you indifferent !!!

Details on the host table page.


And if we talked about wine ...

Overlooking our pretty village, Château Ponzac is run by a young couple of winegrowers from the Cahors appellation. Tasting at home is simply an event, as the speech is well kept.

The visit begins with the cellar where Matthieu speaks of the estate, the terroir and the wine, he is insatiable on the history of the vineyard of Cahors. A set of questions and answers begins and continues in the tasting room, where we have the pleasure of discovering the "trilogy" of the reds, from crisp red fruits to more elaborate and concentrated epicurean wines.

More confidential, Côt en Dolia, raised in a jar, natural and delivered to itself, the wine is flavor of fresh fruit, the power becomes length in the mouth, the aromas are those of the grapes that one crunches.

An excellent rosé, with a deep pink color, presented as a gastronomic wine, completes the range of wines from the Malbec grape variety.

For lovers of chenin blanc, it will be necessary to wait for the year 2018 because the strong frost of last spring was right of the buds of this grape variety.

All our holidaymakers, whether they are amateurs or not-initiated to the culture of the wine, come back delighted by this oenological moment. When we decide to go to tasting at Matthieu, we take the time, on average it lasts between 1 and 1:30 and each time, a moment of pure pleasure!

Journée Nationale du Petit Déjeuner en France


On June 19th, come to Côté Granges, discover the Lot and its good products.

Enjoy the National Breakfast Day organized by Tables & Hostels of France to enjoy a fabulous breakfast: cakes, jams, homemade yogurts, farm eggs, local cheeses, seasonal fruits and many other delicacies ... hummmm! ! A delicious moment around a well-stocked table.

Cuisine gastronomique

WE love !!!

L'Ô à la Bouche, one of our restaurants "favorite"   located on the Fénelon Alleys in Cahors, near the tourist office, the Villa Malbec and the historic center of the city.

Jean-François Dive, Belgian chef, offers an inventive and refined cuisine, inspired by his travels around the world. His art is to reinvent local products to awaken your senses. His charming wife manages the room, she welcomes you with a smile and professionalism.

If you go there to eat in the evening, do not hesitate to make a small digestive walk to Pont Valentré which, depending on the season, is adorned with a thousand colors and will end your day in style.

Fabrication de foie mi-cuit

Homemade Foie Gras

This is the perfect season for the production of our foie gras , although our producer offers livers practically all year long, except during heat waves, ducks are not stuffed.

Today, we opted for foie gras half-cooked in verrines. While Emile goes to our producer Earl Gailloffe to recover the goods, I sterilize the jars. Upon his return, my friend and I get to work.

After a careful stripping, the products are ready to be spiced, gray pepper, salt and Espelette pepper which gives it a touch of acidity, slightly pungent but not too much.
Then it is put in jars, then everything is put in a sterilizer for 1 hour at 70 °.

The next day, after cooling, the livers are finished and stored cool.This technique allows a conservation of a few months, which I personally guarantee by storage in a refrigerator. They can be eaten after a few days of "ripening", so that all the aromas mix.

In general, I keep a few slices of fresh liver and we end the day with tagliatelle with truffle oil and pan-fried foie gras , accompanied by a glass of Cahors wine , yes, red, a nice agreement, to Consume with moderation.

Would you be interested in setting up a "stay making your foie gras" ? Your opinion interests us !

Marché aux truffes

The black truffle of Périgord

Tuesday, December 5, 2017, opening of the first truffle market in Lalbenque . This market will be held every Tuesday until mid-March.

Animations from 10:00 am with a video explaining everything you need to know about black Périgord truffle, also called tuber melanosporum. At 14:00, free visit of the truffle market retail and wholesale. At 15:30, digging the dog, which consists of looking for the truffle with a dog.

This day around the black diamond brings together many people from all over France and abroad. It is not uncommon to meet great names in gastronomy as well as reporters from distant continents.

In restaurants, the theme of cooking is focused on this famous mushroom, it remains only to feast!


A new application to discover the Lot and its heritage

The new mobile application "Circuits Lot Dordogne" 'has just been launched by the Lot tourist development agency. Thanks to a selection of discovery circuits, you can discover, on foot, by car or by boat, the rich heritage of the territory. These tours are punctuated with historical commentaries, maps, trivia and family games.